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    Scalp Acupuncture-ANCILLARY ACUPUNCTURE-2

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    Scalp Acupuncture-ANCILLARY ACUPUNCTURE-2 Empty Scalp Acupuncture-ANCILLARY ACUPUNCTURE-2

    Post by Admin Mon 22 Nov 2010, 8:19 pm


    Scalp Acupuncture
    Scalp Acupuncture orHead Needle Therapy has specific Therapeutic value in the treatment of Diseasesof Neurological origin, which are a challenge to even Neuro Surgery - likeHemiplegia, Paraplegia, Chorea Tremor, Parkinsonism, Loss of Vision Speech or Hearing,Incontinence, and post complications of Cerebro-vascular Accidents. A concisesummary of the commonly used areas of Head Needle Therapy is presented here.

    The Chinese Cultural Revolution since 1966 till 1969 had been the Dawn of Therapies which were the Combination of Chinese Traditionand Western Medicine.
    Dr. Jiao-Shen-Fa wasa Neurologist who treated patients for Hemiplegia on the Scalp Area withsuccess. He owed the Good results to Needling over the Motor Area of the Scalparea in an oblique manner. He found excellent reduction of Spastic conditions.Further research by other workers led to the discovery of much more ScalpAreas.

    Certain functionally and physiologically related areas onthe Cerebral Cortex are represented on the Scalp at proximal spots. As Electrical changes in the Heart Musclesare revealed by ECG patterns, the Electrical fields of the Brain are projectedon the Scalp during Neurological Disorders. Therefore Scalp Acupuncture shallbe a perfect curative therapy for Paralytic conditions, Spastic conditions,Loss of Vision, Speech, Hearing,Hypertension, Extra-pyramidal disorders like Chorea Tremor andParkinsonism. Combined with BodyAcupuncture this therapy works miracles.

    There are Four Reference Lines primarily to make theLocation of Areas clear:
    1. TheAnterio Posterior Midline drawn in the Midline from the Midpoint of Glabella(midpoint of Eyebrows) to the lower edge of External Occipital Protuberance atthe back of the head. The Midpoint ofthis is ‘O’.

    2. TheSupercilio Occipital Line drawn frommidpoint of the upper border of the Eyebrow to the external OccipitalProtuberance along the lateral sides of head.

    3.Anterior Hairline which intersects the Supercilio Occipital Line.

    4.Posterior Horizontal line which lies at the level of Occipital Protuberance


    Line AP-AP :Anterio-posterior Midline.
    Line SC-SC : Supercilio-occipital line.
    Point O : ReferenceMid Point.
    Line AH-AH :Anterior Hairline


    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    MOTOR AREA of Scalp Therapy corresponds to Precentral Gyrusof Frontal lobe.
    SENSORY AREA corresponds to the Post Central Gyrus of theParietal lobe.
    AUDITORY AREA corresponds to Superio Temporal Gyrus ofTemporal lobe.
    SECOND SPEECH AREA corresponds to Angular Gyrus of Parietallobe.
    THIRD SPEECH AREA belongs to Posterior portion of SuperioTemporal Gyrus.
    The Motor, Sensory,Tremor & Vasomotor Areas.

    Line 2 : SENSORY AREA

    Motor Area corresponds to Anterior Central Gyrus andcontrols the voluntary movements of the contra lateral half of the body. Point A is 0.5 Cms behind point O. Point B is the intersection of theSupercilio- occipital line and the Anterior Hair line. Line A-B is Motor Area.
    Upper1/5 controls Lower Limb, Head, Neck andTrunk of Opposite side.
    Middle2/5 controls Upper Limb of Oppositeside.
    Lower2/5 controls Face and Speech functions,therefore used for Facial paralysis of opposite side and Excessive salivation.This lower area is the First Speech Area, which lies on the Left side for aRight handed person, and on the Right for a Left hander.

    Sensory Area is used to treat Pain, Numbness, and abnormalsensations of the contra lateral side . The line lies 1.5 Cm behind and parallel to Motor line (A-B) . The Upper, Middle and Lower areas haveidentical correspondences.

    Chorea Tremor Area is 1.5 Cm anterior and parallel to Motorline (A-B). This line is used to control Tic, Chorea, Parkinsonism, Tremors andSpasms.

    Vasomotor Area is 3Cm anterior and parallel to Motor line. This line is used for Vaso-constriction and Vaso-dilation problems, likeHyper tension, Low BP, Cerebral Edema, Tachycardia, Bradycardia etc.
    The Auditory, Second & Third Speech & Usage Areas.

    Line 9: USAGEAREA.

    Auditory Area is also known as Vertigo Auditory Area, andthis line corresponds to the Superior Temporal Gyrus. This line is 1.5 Cm directly above the Apexof the Ear, and occupies a length of 4 Cms. Deafness, Vertigo and Tinnitus are treated by this line.

    Second Speech Area is a Visual analyzer of words. The linecorresponds to Angular Parietal Gyrus, and starts 2 Cm posterior and inferiorto Parietal Tubercle, and runs 3Cm downward and parallel to the midline of the scalp.

    Third Speech Area is an Auditory analyzer of Language. This line is 4 Cms long, and extendsposterior to the Midpoint of Vertigo Auditory Line discussed earlier.

    Usage Area is the Application Area, which is formed by 3lines of 3 Cm each, drawn from the parietal tubercle, downwards at 40° angle toeach other.

    The Foot Motor Sensory, Visual & Balance Areas.

    Line 10: VISUAL AREA
    Line 11: BALANCE AREA

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Foot Motor Sensory Area is an area covered by two linesdrawn on each side of Mid line, 1 cun away and parallel to it. The length of these lines is 3 Cm andmidpoint of the lines is transversely intersected by ‘O’ – line. Disorders ofthe feet are treated by this line.

    Visual Area is over the Occipital Calcarine Fissure. Thelines are parallel to Midline, 1Cm away from External Occipital Protuberance and extending 4 Cm upwards on eachside. Disorders of vision are treated byneedling this area.

    Balance Area is over the Cerebellar Hemisphere. The parallel lines on either side of theMidline are 3.5 Cm away from midline. They extend 4 Cm downwards from the externaloccipital protuberance. Disorders ofequilibrium are treated through these lines.

    The Gastric, Thoracic, Genital & Hepatocystic Areas.

    Line 12 : GASTRICAREA
    Line 13 : THORACIC AREA
    Line 14 : GENITALAREA

    Gastric Area is a line, 2 Cms long, drawn backwards fromAnterior Hairline, above the pupil on each side.

    Thoracic Area is a line, 4 Cms long, drawn 2 Cms in front and 2 Cms behind the Anterior hairline,exactly between the Midline and the Gastric line. The distance between this line and theMidline (or Gastric line) may be taken as ‘X’ Cms.

    Genital Area is 4 Cmslong, running behind the Hairline, at a distance of ‘X’ Cms from the Gastricline.

    Hepato cystic Area is the extension of Gastric Area in frontof the forehead upto 2 Cm. Hypochondriac, Gall Bladder and Liver disorders are treated on thisline.


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