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    Apasmara-epilepsy-convulsive disorders

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    Apasmara-epilepsy-convulsive disorders Empty Apasmara-epilepsy-convulsive disorders

    Post by Admin Thu 04 Nov 2010, 5:06 pm



    Epilepsy ischaracterized by convulsive seizure. With each convulsive attack or seizure, patient loses some part of thememory; hence it is called as 'Apasamara;. (Su. Utt 61/3, M.N. and Ch. Ni.Cool. Chakrapani has said that in thisdisease the patient slowly looses not only his memory but intellect and sattva quality of mind also.


    Withholdingnatural urges, improper contact of sense organs with their objects – perveted,excess or low – intake of impure,junk, toxic, preserved, stale food; excitationof mind due to vitiation of rjas and tamas qualities. (Su. Utt.61/3)


    When viriated prana and udana withPitta and Kapha enter the nervous system and channel of the mind, they vitiaterajas and tamas and produce this disease.


    It has been divided into Vata,Pitta, and Kapha and due to vitiation of all doshas.


    Vaghbhata has described theprodromal symptoms as tachycardia, sense of emptiness in the heart, vertigo,black colour in front of the eyes, intolerance of noise, perspiration, excesssecretion of muscus in the mouth and weakness.

    Palpitations,excessive perspiration, loss of functions of the sense organs, feeling ofemptiness in the head and dreams of various types.


    These are according to the stage ofattach and stage of in between the attack. The attacks can come after one week, ten days or after month. In between the attacks the patient looks quite normal in appearance.

    During the attack patient becomesunconscious, with jerky movements of the arms and legs, convulsions, grindingof teeth, moaning, crying, and hearing of non-existent things. He may pass urine or stool and there may befroth at the mouth. (Harita samhita 3)


    (1) VatajaApasmara

    Frequent loss of consciousness andvery quick regaining the same is main symptom. There may be stiffness,l bulging of the eyes, weeping, and visualizingnon-existent things.

    (2) PittajaApasmara
    During the attack, face, eyes, nailsand skin may become yellowish, greenish or blood stained. Sensation of burning after regainingconsciousness is present many times.

    (3) KaphajaApasmara

    Loss of consciousness, and slowregaining after a long time is present. The patient falls to the ground heavily and there is profuse salivationat the mouth with froth. All thesesymptoms and attacks occur during full moon day and no moon day.

    (4)Tridoshaja Apasmara

    Mixed symptoms of all above typesare seen.


    Sannipatik or tridoshaja type isincurable. Similarly the type in whichthe frequency of attacks is quite often, and there is tissue loss, is alsoincurable.


    During the attack, sanjnaprabodhana(regaining consciousness) treatment should be done by various methods likenasya, anjana-collyrium or dhuma-inhalation of medicated varpor.

    For nasya –Nasal instillation of hot and penetrating qualities should be done. This is knownh as ' Pradhamana nasya'. Herbs like Acorus calamus or Acasia concinaare used in powder form for this purpose.

    Similarlycollyrium with substances that will irritate eyes and medicated smokeinhalation should also be done for the same purpose.

    ForCollyrium one can use paste prepared from triphala, trikatu, asafetida, calamusor mustard seeds.
    Formedicated smoke piper longum, shigru, asafetida, rock salt can be used.

    Proper caremust be taken that the patient does not bite or swallow his tongue during thisperiod.

    After theattack is over, an attempt should be male to find out its cause. Treat the main cause. If it is not found, treatment should bedirected for increasing sattva and palliation of vitiated dosha.


    First givealternate niruha and anuvasana basti and then give him ashvasana chikitsa. (BR)


    Herbs of choiceare, Acorus calamus,gotu kola, shankhapushpi, and jyotishmati. All these are medhay rasayana herbs to improve the memory.


    v Smritisagar rasa (RYS)- Prepare mixture of Kajjali,haratal, nmanashaila and tamra oxide. Then triturate it with juice of brahmi and decoction of vacha. Dose 125 mg twice a day should be given for 1monthy with –
    v Sarasvatarishta – dose 15ml 3 times a day
    v Vakulantaka rasa – Kasturi, Manahshila, nagakeshara,bibhitaka, purified parade, gandhaka, ela and cloves. First prepare kajjali and then add the powderof other ingredients. Dose 100mg 3 timesday.


    v Palankashadi – Prepare paste of guggulu, vacha,haritaki, sarashapa, garlic, asafetida, danti and jatamansi. Prepare medicated oil with sesame oil and use the same forabhyanga.



    If thepatient is strong, give verechana and then ashvasana chikitsa


    v Kushmanda ghee – contains kushmanda and licorice. Dose5 gm perday.
    v Paniyakalyanaka ghrita – contains triphala, haridra,daruharidra, manjishtha, vidanga and dashmula Dose 5 gmper day.
    Similarly to improve memory tab. Brahmi vati 250 mg 3 times a day should begiven at least for 3 months.
    v Panchagavya ghrita – contains ghee and panchagavya.Dose 2 to 5 gmper day
    v Mahachaitasa ghrita – Prepare decoction of trivrit,eranda, bilva, shana, dashmula, shatavari, rasna and shigru. Then add kalka of licorice, kakoli,shatavari, kharjura, mridvika, rasna and ghee. Mix all the ingredients and prepare medicated ghee. Dose 5 gm per day.



    If thepatient is strong, give vamana and then ashvasana chikitsa.

    Forremoving Kapha, nasal instillation of old medicated ghee prepared by vacha orbrahmi is indicated. The older theghee. It is more useful in thisdisease. Old ghee has penetratingqualities, hence its action produces severe irritation. This removes Kapha (in the form of mucoussecretions) from the sinuses, head and neck region. Therefore it is advisable that patient shouldbe informed appropriately about these effects before carrying out thisprocedure.


    v Chandabhairva rasa - Prepare mixture of oxide of parade, rasasindura, tamara, loha, purifiedharatala, gandhaka, manashashila and rasanjana. Triturate this with gomutra and dviguna gandhaka. Heat the same on iron pan. Take this with honey in dose of 50mg onceday.
    v Chaturmukha rasa (BR) with gold 125mg. twice a day
    v Bhutabhairva rasa – Prepare mixture of oxides ofparade, rasasindura, haratala, loha, manahshila and rasanjana. Triturate the same with human maleurine. Then keep this mixture in ironpot with double the quantity of sulphur for one month. Take this 50mg with honey. (BR)
    v Indrabrahma vati – Prepare mixture of rasasindura,abhraka bhasma, loha bhasma, raupya bhasma vatsanabha, padmakehsara, Trituratethis with the juice of snuhi, bhringaraja, eranda, vacha, nirgundi andsurana. Give one laghuput and thenprepare tablets. Take 100mg tablet 3times day.

    Pathya andApathya

    It is advisable to take rakra shali,old wheat, green gram ghee, meat of kurma and jangala animals, milk, juice ofleaves of brahmi, vacha, patola, kushmanda, dadima, shigru, draksha, amalki andphlsa are all good and should be consumed.

    Avoid alcohol, fish, contradictoryfood, food with heating and penetrating qualities, excess sex, all types ofleafy vegetables and withholding the urges of hunger, thirst and sleep . Avoid excess fear, worry, anger, alcohol,contradictory food and drinks.

    Epilepsy can be mainly due to twomain causes: Intracranial and Extracranial.

    Intracranialcauses include increased intracranial pressure due to tumor, hydrocephalous, orsubtarachnoid hemorrhage, other inflammatory conditions of brain and meninges,trauma, vascular abnormalities, and degenerative disorders.
    Extracranialcauses include toxins, anoxia, endogenous causes, metabolic and endocrinedisorders. It can be due to an inheritedconstitutional tendency.


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