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    Acu points and Locating Methods

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    	Acu points  and  Locating Methods  Empty Acu points and Locating Methods

    Post by Admin Sun 21 Nov 2010, 10:16 pm

    Acupuncture points arenumerous points on the body that show a very high response to stimuli likeprick, pressure, heat or electro-magnetic radiation.  They possess high conductivity and lowresistance.  They can be referred to assoft spots or unseen doors in the body, through which any stimulation can enterthe body.  (When such points areconnected by a pathway, the pathway is known as a Channel) 
    These points are located byfive important methods.  Each of themethods is given in detail, with apt examples of points.

    • Making use of Anatomical Landmarks:

    Most of the points lie onCreases (Lines), Joints, Depressions and near Muscle tendons that can be easilydetected and handled.
    E.g. LU 9,is a point that lies at the base of the thumb, at the depression near the headof the radial bone. 

    • Making use of  Finger Measurements (Cun):

    Another major set of pointsis at specific distances (Cuns) from anatomical landmarks or from other knownpoints. 
    The units of distance usedin measuring the body or the body Acupuncture points is one Body Inch ‘BI’or one Proportionate Inch ‘PI’ which is known as ‘Cun’ or‘Qun’ or ‘Kun’ in Chinese and other languages.
    The Finger Measurements:
                The Width of a person’s thumb is 1 Cun. This is alsoequal to the distance between the tips of the two creases formed when themiddle finger is folded. The width of one finger however, will be 0.75 Cun or3/4th of  thumb’s width in thesame   person.
    Thus, the width of twofingers makes 1.5 Cun; the width of four fingers makes 3 Cun.
    To measure 2 Cuns however,two fingers and a half are used. 
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
    The measurements usingfingers should be done strictly by judging the width of patient’s thumb.  Therefore this method will have lesseraccuracy till the Acupuncturist acquires practical knowledge of  the location of points in various patients’bodies.
    e.g. P 6  is a point that lies 2 ½ Cuns distal from thewrist crease on the ventral forearm.
           UB58 is a point that lies 7 Cun above another point known as UB 60.

    • Usage of Cunometer :

    The Cunometer is a special measuring deviceresembling flat tongs or calipers, used to measure the Cun of the patient byholding the thumb.  The proportionate distancesof 1.5 Cun, 2 Cun, 2.5 Cun and 0.5 Cun are shown by the other corners of themeasuring tool. 
     D.   Special Methods of Point detection:

    Certain points are easily detected by using specialmethods.  Sometimes the special methodsare used  only laterally to ascertain thelocations. For special methods to be accurate, the thumb of the patient andAcupuncturist should have the same width. e.g. ST 32 is a point that lies atthe tip of the middle finger (over the thigh) when the Acupuncturist placeshis/her wrist crease over the top edge of the patella of the patient contralaterally. [See figure  3 of Course bookfor Acupuncture, or  figure on page 146of Clinical Acupuncture] .
     E.    Electronic – Point Detectors:

    Due to their low resistance, the points are detectedbest by using electronic point detectors. One electrode is earthed to the body of the patient.  The other electrode is  moved over the spot where the point is to beaccurately detected.  At the exact point,the current increases thereby causing an audible beep, and a visible flickeringof any light, and deflection of the ammeter needle. 


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