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    Post by Admin Mon 22 Nov 2010, 5:35 pm

    C O M M A N D P O IN T A C T I V I T Y

    TheCommand Points are capable of Energy Transfer from one Organ to anotherresulting in Physiological and Pathological changes, either through the ShengCycle or through the Ko Cycle.

    Energycan flow only from a higher potential to a lower one. Therefore, it is necessary that Energy of theSupplying Organ (Source) should be more than the Energy of the Receiver Organat the time of Stimulation of a Command Point. The response will be tremendous if Energy transfer is effected at thehour when the Energy of Supplier Organ is most excited or when the Energy ofthe Receiver Organ is most depleted. The Organ Clock hour of the SupplierOrgan or the Counter Clock hour of theReceiver Organ will be the best timings for quite effective transfer of Energy.

    TheOrgan Clock specifies a Two Hour activity for each of the 12 Organs in a 24Hour cycle. Thus, 3 to 5 Am is theactivation time of Lungs. TheLung energy takes an upward or Positive course till 4 Am and reverts back tonormal Threshold limit of energy.

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Onthe other part of the Day, i.e., at 3 Pm the Lung energy has a Declining orNegative surge till 4 Pm, and resumes normalcy at 5 Pm.

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Energytransfer is more effective from a high potential to a lower one. The high amount of Energy in an Organ duringthe Peaking time (e.g. 4 Amfor Lungs) can be effectively and largely transferred to another channelor Organ, at that time, using the SON POINT or the GRANDSON POINT (OVERACTINGPOINT).

    Similarly,the Organ during the Negative Surge, can receive a lot of Energy during itsCounter Clock Time (e.g. 4 Pmfor Lungs) through its MOTHERPOINT, or the GRANDMOTHER POINT (COUNTERACTING POINT).

    Briefly speaking, the Son point and Overacting pointof an Organ are effective during the Organ’s Clock time.

    The Mother point and Counteracting Point areeffective at the Organ’s Counter Clock time.

    e.g.: Lu – ClockTime: 3 to 5 Am. Peak Time : 4 Am.
    Counter clock time: 3 to 5 Pm. Trough Time: 4 Pm.
    The Pointsactive around 4 Am: LU 5 (Son), LU 11 (Overacting).
    The Pointsactive around 4 Pm: LU 9 (Mother), LU 10 (Counteracting).

    Among the 5Command Points of a Channel, we have a Mother Point, a Son Point, an OveractingPoint, and a Counteracting Point whichalso are “Time Bound Points” likethe Horary Point.

    The Luo Points too are most effective during the Peak andTrough Timings, as they transfer Energy from Yin to Yang and vice versa.


    The Peak time can be reckonedas the time in minutes, 20 minutes before and after the middle Hour of theOrgan Clock time, in L.M.T (Local MeanTime of the place where the Person is treated).

    Local Mean Time of a Place, is the Real Timecalculated based on the difference of the Longitudes of the Place and NationalStandard Longitude. Thus, the LMT of Tuticorin corresponding to 6 Am IST will be 5:43 Am. NaturalPhenomena like Sunrise, Sunset, Planetary Transits and Organic Activity followonly the Local Mean Time. The NationalStandard Time (IST) is only forAdministrative purposes.

    e.g.: Peak time for Lungs: 4 Am.
    4 Am LMT for Tuticorin = 4:17 Am IST.
    Therefore, Peak for Lungs atTuticorin lies between
    3:57 Am and 4:37 Am.
    A similar calculation goes for the Trough Time, therebygiving:
    3:57 Pm to 4:37 Pm as the Lu - Trough Time for Tuticorin.

    All the 60Command points are Time Bound Points. The Luo Points are sensitive during theappropriate timings. They can be manipulated for the greatest therapeutic effect at the Organ’s peaktime. Thus, Luo point of the Spleen is mosteffective at 10:00 Am ofthe Local mean time of the place. ForKidneys, 6:00 Pm can be themost efficacious. Noon will be suitable for the Luo point of Heart. Pericardium 6 will be very effective at8:00 Pm. Mere selection ofPoints will not help in curing the patient. The Time and Place play a major part since healing is a Time boundprocess and a divine procedure too.

    Now, we shalldiscuss about the advanced Pulse Diagnosis and Single Point selection therapy,which is more effective in treatment of Chronic diseases.


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