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    Procedures in Panchakarma

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    Procedures in Panchakarma  Empty Procedures in Panchakarma

    Post by Admin Sat 06 Nov 2010, 8:11 pm

    Procedures in Panchakarma

    As the name suggest, panchkarma means panch karma i.e. five methods or five operation in ayurvedic medicinal system. These are:

    • Vaman karma (emetic)
    • Virechan karma (purgative)
    • Anuvasan vasti (soothing enema)
    • Nirooh vasti (cleansing enema)
    • Nasya karma (nasal purge)

    Ayurveda believes that any substance entering in our body has an effect on our body. Thus to clensify the wrong effects in the body by that external substance, panchkarma methods were devised. Panchkarma procedures purify, pacify and remove the cause on any disease. For curing any disease one must purify the effective body system by eliminating the aberrant material from the body. Secondly one must soothe the already effected part. And thirdly one must remove the hetu (cause) of the disease. Panchkarma procedures are so designed that they satisfy the above mentioned three requirements of a physician in eradicating a disease. Shad upkarmas (six methods of treatment).Ayurveda has mentioned six upkarmas i.e. six methods of treatment under which all the treatments are performed. These are

    • Brimhana karma (promoting growth)
    • Lahghan karma (effecting reduction)
    • Snehan karma (lubrication)
    • Rookshan (drying)
    • Swedan (sweating)
    • Stambhana (promoting contraction)

    According to Charak, the great ancient physician, says the best physician is that who has mastery over in performing methods of Brimhana karma (promoting growth), Lahghan karma (effecting reduction), Snehan karma (lubrication), Rookshan (drying), Swedan (sweating), Stambhana (promoting contraction). All methods of medical treatment in ayurvedic system of medicine may be classified under one or the other of the following categories mentioned below

    • Brimhana karma (promoting growth) – promoting growth or encouraging plumpiness in body.
    • Lahghan karma (effecting reduction) – effecting leanness, it is opposite of brimhana karma
    • Snehan karma (lubrication) – lubrication or increasing fat or watery content in the body Rookshan (drying) – promoting dryness, the opposite of the above i.e. removal of the fat or moisture
    • Swedan (sweating) – promoting sweat or diaphoresis, etc, i.e., encourages the dilatation (vikaaranaam) of all channels and opening in the body
    • Stambhana (promoting contraction) – promoting contraction (sankochanam) or the vessels of supply such as arterioles, blood, lymph vessels etc, i.e. the opposite of swedanam.

    In a general view all the above method mentions methods can be classified into the first two methods i.e. brimhana and lahghan. As ultimate all the six promotes growth or auses reduction in body. Langahan karma, swedan karma and rookshan karma all comes into one category. And brimhana, Snehan and stambhana come in one category. On account to the multifarious complex combinations of the three doshas, the medical treatment also may become complicated. However combined, number does not exceed six, just as the number of doshas however combined cannot be transcended their three fold character.

    These methods of treatment should be performed in a very delicate and balanced manner, so that any excess or deficiency of the six methods or their combinations may be avoided.

    The patient is the best judge to know weather the method of treatment is performed correctly or not. The progress in the relief of the sufferings of the patient confirms the utility of the treatment. The patient feels happier if the equilibrium prevails and he feels unhappy the moment equilibrium is disturbed. For instance, if a particular portion of the body is dirty and non oily and if a little lubricant is applied to this, the opposite treatment of drying is given, the patient is sure to feel more discomfort. As in other system of medicine ayurveda also gives treatment generally consist of supplying the opposite of supplementing the lost element in the body by the effect of the diseased condition. It may be mentioned here that all the above methods oftreatment and operations included in the six categories of the treatment called the shad upkarmas, includes the panchkarma, which constitute mainly, the Langahan part of the six methods. All these process of treatments are included in antaparimarjana (internal cleaning) and bahirparimarjana (external cleaning)


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